Speed Clone for Windows

Speed Clone for Windows 3.51

Speed Clone is PC based software that clones or images multiple types of devices
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Speed Clone is PC based software that clones or images multiple types of devices such as hard drives, flash drives and memory cards regardless of the operating system or file system. Speed Clone does not just copy the data on your device; it creates a sector by sector clone or image.

Speed Clone performs many types of data cloning or imaging:

Cloning a single disk to a disk
Cloning in reverse or incrementally
Cloning a disk to a file
Cloning multiple disks to files for raid imaging
Restoring a file to a disk or multiple disks
Securely erasing a disk
Perfect for technicians that need to image multiple drives to one location.

Perfect for drives with bad sectors

Unlike other drive cloning software, Speed Clone will not interrupt the process with an error message while cloning a drive with bad sectors. Instead, Speed Clone skips over the damaged sector and continues with the cloning process. Once completed Speed Clone provides a report detailing the quantity and locations of any unreadable or bad sectors.

For a device with many bad sectors, you can enter a maximum number of read errors the device can encounter before it is skipped and the maximum number of errors you want to be displayed in the error report.

Perfect for damaged drives
Speed Clone allows you to clone or image a disk forward or in reverse. Partial or incremental cloning allows you to select what specific sector range to clone.

Perfect for backing up data
Speed Clone is a convenient tool for backing up data, regularly cloning or imaging your hard drive to a backup device can help prevent catastrophic data loss.

Securely erasing data
Speed Clone does not just delete data, it goes over each individual sector and overwrites the data so you can feel confident that anything you erased with Speed Clone is irretrievable.

With an easy to use interface and video tutorials available, Speed Clone was designed for technicians and end users alike.

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